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Hi all,Im new!

im Christina from stamford CT and im in a situation where ive been very ill for the last few years and am trying to get back into my community and find things to do.i just wanted to introduce myself and say how cool it is to have a CT love to find events and stuff i can go to so i can get out more.

hello everybody! 

calling all models?!?! (x-posted to every CT group I belong to)

Okay, so we all know that I work best under pressure (or so I keep telling myself).  Once again, I'm in a bind and need a favor of anyone willing to help me out.  I need someone/something to photograph.  I know, I know, just get my ass outside and take some pictures.  But I'd really like to do this with a bit more direction then that.

Let me back up.  I hadn't been unloading the pictures from my memory card this summer, and it fried itself a few days before my operation, deleting everything I'd taken to use for my course work for the computer manipulation class I had to take an incomplete in this spring.  Then, a few days after my operation I went in search of my memory stick that had the three completed assignments on it, along with all the portions of the work that had been used, and it was MIA, completely no where to be found.  So now, on top of having to re-shoot enough to be able to complete the other assignments, I also have to re-do three additional assignments.

So now we're back to me wanting models.  I'm going to be unavailable until Monday, the 15th, but then I was hoping someone/anyone would take pity on me and let me come over their house and take their picture.  Of them playing with their kids/pets, of picnics, of them sitting in their cars, of them smoking, of them playing their instrument, of them just being them.  Anything.  Do remember that this is for a computer manipulation class and I will be altering the photos, but I will be willing to do two, make you a copy of the original photo and two make you a copy of the altered photo if I use it to alter.

Anyone interested?  If so, e-mail me directly at or call me at 860-214-2243.  Thanks so much.  Lots of love.

sith alice

CT Rollergirls Fundraiser and Car Wash

Even though we're currently in the off-season, the Connecticut Rollergirls have some great events in store for this weekend!

This Thursday we are having a fundraiser at Cafe Bottega in New Haven - come hang out with us, have a drink, and get information about the league. Tryouts are coming up in September and we would LOVE to have more people interested in skating or becoming referees. Be a part of one of the fastest-growing women's sports in the country!

If that's not your thing, why not let us make your car squeaky clean, and look great doing it?

We will be washing cars at the Crossroads Cantina in Waterbury (right by the route 8 & I-84 interchange) from 11 AM to 3 PM, for a suggested donation of $7 each.

CTRG is a not-for-profit, skater-run organzation, and these fundraisers help pay for things like our practice and bouting space, printing costs, and travel expenses for our travel team. So what you spend at these events goes to support continued derby awesomeness in CT and wherever else we may go!
But seriously, do you really need a reason?

Check out or add us on MySpace!
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Chronic illness support group

Our introductory meeting will be held Saturday, July 26 at the Polish Falcon building in New Britain (201 Washington St., 2nd Floor). There is street parking if you can find it, as well as a lot in the rear of the building; use the Washington St. side entrance. We will start at noon, and probably run about two hours. Coffee and refreshments will be served.

Please RSVP as soon as you can so I can get an accurate head count. (If you can't make it, as I know a couple of people can't, don't worry -- we can hold another meeting sometime in late August, when summer settles down for most of us.)
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Chronic illness/physical challenge support group

I'm looking for local residents in their twenties and thirties who might be interested in getting together once a month or so to chat and discuss issues surrounding being a young adult with a chronic illness (folks with physical challenges also welcome).

I've searched high and low for such a group, where everyone wasn't middle-aged, and have yet to find one. So I figured, why not just start one myself? LOL

I've already got a few people, and I haven't really begun looking in earnest...

Contact me for more information.
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CT Rollergirls' 2008 Championship!

The Connecticut Rollergirls' 2008 season is coming to a close - with a finish that is sure to be a nail-biting climax for fans of any and all of our intraleague teams. With all three teams currently 1:1, the championship is going to be a THREE WAY OF DEATH - a three-period round-robin tournament in which all the teams will get to play each other!
Whether you're a longtime fan or you haven't come out to a CTRG bout yet, you won't want to miss this one!

FRIDAY, June 13th @ Rollermagic in Waterbury
Doors 7:30PM, Game 8:30 PM
$12 in advance, $15 at the door, kids under 12 get in free with paying adult. Chair rentals are available at the rink.

Get your tickets now!

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Cardio Express in Tolland

Anyone know when this thing is opening up? I keep seeing advertised "This spring" and I found minutes from a town meeting where they said "First week of April", but I drove by the other day and it looked pretty much still under construction.

The location is convenient, so I'm waiting for it to open, but if it's not going to open for a year I'll go somewhere else. :(
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