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Wed, Sep. 10th, 2008, 03:22 am
poeticgoddss: calling all models?!?! (x-posted to every CT group I belong to)

Okay, so we all know that I work best under pressure (or so I keep telling myself).  Once again, I'm in a bind and need a favor of anyone willing to help me out.  I need someone/something to photograph.  I know, I know, just get my ass outside and take some pictures.  But I'd really like to do this with a bit more direction then that.

Let me back up.  I hadn't been unloading the pictures from my memory card this summer, and it fried itself a few days before my operation, deleting everything I'd taken to use for my course work for the computer manipulation class I had to take an incomplete in this spring.  Then, a few days after my operation I went in search of my memory stick that had the three completed assignments on it, along with all the portions of the work that had been used, and it was MIA, completely no where to be found.  So now, on top of having to re-shoot enough to be able to complete the other assignments, I also have to re-do three additional assignments.

So now we're back to me wanting models.  I'm going to be unavailable until Monday, the 15th, but then I was hoping someone/anyone would take pity on me and let me come over their house and take their picture.  Of them playing with their kids/pets, of picnics, of them sitting in their cars, of them smoking, of them playing their instrument, of them just being them.  Anything.  Do remember that this is for a computer manipulation class and I will be altering the photos, but I will be willing to do two things....one, make you a copy of the original photo and two make you a copy of the altered photo if I use it to alter.

Anyone interested?  If so, e-mail me directly at poeticgoddss@hotmail.com or call me at 860-214-2243.  Thanks so much.  Lots of love.